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School Meals, Fruit & MiLK

The current Meal Menu can be downloaded here

Our School Meals are prepared and supplied by Longvernal School. 

Key Stage 2 meals cost £2.60 each (£13.00 per week) and Key Stage 1 meals are provided free of charge.

School meals are ordered on a daily basis by the children via the morning registers. School meals can be should be paid via parent pay.  

If you are eligible for the Pupil Premium this will also entitle your child to free school meals.  Further information can be found here.

Free school meals application form.

Pupil premium information letter.

Pupil Premium Policy.

Break Time

Children can bring in a drink and a snack for break time but we do ask you to ensure the snacks are healthy for example a piece of fresh fruit or cereal bars, (ie no crisps or chocolate).

All Key Stage 1 children receive a portion of fruit each afternoon, which is currently funded by the Government.  Key stage 2 children can opt into the scheme which is subsided by the Friends of Cameley, more information and the form to join can be downloaded here.

School Milk

Children under five receive free milk after morning break.  If your child is over five and you wish to pay for School Milk this is available for £1.30 per week.  Please go online at for more information and to join the scheme.  Or please call 01934 510950.