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Learning to Lead

 Written by the Journalism and Website Team…with help from all the L2L teams!

 Learning to Lead (L2L) is as simple as it sounds, it is… Learning to Lead!! It’s about teaching children to take responsibility (but most of the time the children do the teaching!); they also learn lots of great life skills.


Journalism and Website Team:

We are the Journalism and Website team, we are in charge of making sure the website is up to date, and checking that everything is running smoothly. We are also hoping to set up a school newspaper, to give out to our students. Within the year, we are hoping to achieve quite a few things, such as: making sure our website is fun for the children, checking it regularly, and publishing our newspaper. We have already achieved lots of things we have put on our list such as, making our badges, getting a new website and doing some things for the newspaper. All of us are enjoying our group, with all of us working hard and getting tasks done, we hope you now know a bit about our group, and hopefully by the end of the year, we will have achieved everything we want to get done! Bye for now!


Fundraising and Fairtrade Team

We work together as a team to fundraise for the school and to raise money for other really worth while causes like Red Nose Day and Children in Need. We are also planning to make sure that we use Fairtrade products in school and FSC paper in the photocopier.


 Golden Time Team

We have brainstormed new, brilliant activities that we will use at golden time.

Our group is made to make golden time fun. We have completed wicked badges and we have arranged for extra adults to come into school to help at Golden Time.


Eco Schools Team

The eco schools team helps make our school environmentally friendly. We have been helping the local wildlife by putting up a bird box and are going to find a safe place for a hedgehog house! We also investigate ways to maintain our school grounds and are looking into getting a water butt so we can re-use rainwater on our allotment plots.


Assembly and Collective Worship Team

We are the assembly and collective worship team; we are responsible for taking pictures of children who have been commended and then displaying them on the commendations board.

We are also responsible for writing and collecting prayers for assemblies, and sometimes we lead the prayer. We usually write something in the comments book about our assemblies. We work well together as a group, we work hard and we have learnt to work well as a team. We rely on each other, we link each others ideas and we listen to each other. We love learning to lead because we are learning skills that are important in life.


Public relations and Welcoming Committee

We are the public relations and welcoming committee. We welcome visitors and show them around the school and tell them a few of are achievements. We have already toured various visitors including Jacob Reese-Mogg (Local MP), parents that are new to the school and other visitors. We are planning to make the school an even brighter place!


The Library Team

The library has lots of interesting books for everyone to read, and there are also some lovely paintings for everyone to enjoy! There are colourful posters everywhere to read as well as books, but the library has rules, so make sure you follow them!


We have all sorts of books in every genre so you can choose your favourite and read quietly. We tidy the library and keep everything clean, and make sure every book is in its place. We also help to log all the books onto the library database. In the Library we have learnt that working as a team is very important and we must be patient to get it perfect. We have had arguments and disagreement, but of course we have learnt from it! We try our best to make the library look its best.


Smart Schools Team

Smart Schools Team try to make the school… well, smart and tidy! We’re trying to sort out lost property, tidy the hall and make sure that the outside areas are also smart and tidy. We are always busy making sure that everything is in place and tidy. We would like to tidy up the pond area and raise some money to make the school smarter as well. Hopefully we can buy some new water fountains in the future. We have spent lots of time and energy to make a noticeable difference. We have made our badges, we have checked the toilets every week and the cloakrooms and we have organised the lost property. We have just taken on responsibility for organising a special table at lunchtimes when children will be invited to sit with a teacher.


Get Active Team

Get Active Team have been busy designing and looking for extra play features to go outside as part of this year’s school improvement work. We also organise the cookery bags that children take home to share with their families. We tidy the PE store and make sure that the playground and football/basketball/table tennis rotas are up to date. We also check the Playpod and organise for extra things to go in for all the children to play with.